Hawker's Magical Red Standard poodles

Meet Our Toys

Our Toy poodles are fully health tested and have excellent temperaments. You can see there test results below and can also look them up on the OFA site. 

Mimi has been bred with Ozzy. Pups are due around May 7th 2018

Ozzy Mahogany Fire In The Sky

Ozzy has the longer snout and long legs

Ozzy is such a character . He loves to be right next to you snuggling up under your chin.
This guy is a mellow fellow with just enough attitude to keep you laughing.
Ozzy loves to chase the balls and toys and Playing with Gypsy (our standard)
He loves to stomp his front paws when he wants something.
Ozzy has an excellent temperament and is pretty quiet for a toy poodle.
Ozzy loves the kids and enjoys playing with them.

Ozzy's Health Tests:

Chic#  120280

*OFA Patella's: PO-PA3413/13M/P-NOPI
*OFA vWD (vonWillebrand's Disease):
*OFA PRA (ProgressiveRetinal Atrophy):
*OFA Osteochondrodysplasia:
*OFA Gangliosidosis:
*OFA Eyes: PO-EYE2792/7M-NOPI
*OFA Cardiac: Coming soon
*OFA Dentition: Coming soon

Mimi Forgett Me Not It's All About Me

5lbs 4oz

Mimi has the longer snout and the long legs

Mimi is such a momma's girl. She is the Queen (at least she thinks so) her name says it all.
Mimi's favorite spot is on my lap or in bed with me snuggled into my belly under the covers. She has to inspect everyone and everything. Mimi loves to explore and has an excellent temperament. She loves the kids and the other dogs.

Mimi's Health Tests:

*OFA Cardiac: PO-CA2879/16F/P-NOPI
*OFA Patella's: PO-PA3119/16F-NOPI
*OFA PRA  (ProgressiveRetinal Atrophy):
*OFA Dentition: PO-DE264/11F-NOPI
*OFA vWD  (vonWillebrand's Disease):
*OFA MTC (Macrothrombocytopenia):
*OFA DM: Coming Soon

Lacey Red Sitting Pretty

4lbs 12oz
Lacey has the small snout along with the short legs

Lacey is such the snuggle bug. There isn't such a thing as a stranger to her. She loves company and charms her way into everyone's lap. Lacey loves people and is happy when she meets new friends. Lacey is the princess of the palace. She is great with kids and loves her humans. Lacy has an excellent temperament.

Lacey's Health Tests:

*OFA Cardiac: PO-CA2671/12F/P-NOPI
*OFA Patella's: PO-PA2967/12F-NOPI
*OFA PRA  (ProgressiveRetinal Atrophy):
*OFA Dentition: PO-DE263/12F-NOPI
*OFA vWD  (vonWillebrand's Disease):
   Clear-Awaiting OFA #
*OFA MTC (Macrothrombocytopenia):
*OFA DM: Coming soon

Rosco Red Of The  Wasatch Front    pictures coming soon

3lbs 10 Oz

Rosco is so comical that he keeps us laughing. He thinks he is as big as Cash and you will find him playing hard with him without skipping a beat.

Everyone wants to take Rosco home with them as to he loves to snuggle up in your lap . He is everyone's friend and  loves people.

Rosco's Health testing is in the works