Hawker's Magical Red Standard poodles

 Our Adult AKC Mahogany Red Standard Poodles

They are not for sale they are our babies first.

You can find all of their test results on the OFA site

Gypsy Reddi Or Not Here I Come

Female Dark red standard poodle

she is a real gem she is just sassy enough that she is comical she will keep you entertained. She has an excellent temperament and loves kids. Gypsy is also from excellent lines with the shangri la and majestic  with in the first 3 generations. 

Gypsy loves to play, play, play. she loves to cuddle and is such a loving girl when her and the other dogs are not playing. You will find her snuggled up in my lap sneaking kisses. Gypsy Loves the water and when out watering she loves to play in it. Where there is water you will find her. 

Gypsy thinks she is the princess. Okay maybe she is LOL! She jumps up on my bed at night, but there is no sneaking with her. She climbs up and puts her head on your chest and gets her kisses in. You can't help but love her along with all of them.  The good news is We have a king size bed and well what can I say? Gypsy loves to retrieve and is a service therapy companion. Gypsy loves sitting under the table at the restaurant, enjoys the stores and the hospitals. 

Gypsy is quiet the ball hound and you will often find her hanging out with her ball in her mouth.


Gypsy is 27"  and 57 lbs.

Gypsy's Health Tests

*CHIC# 101675

* Dentition:  PO-DE125/14F-NOPI
*COI: 2.31%
*Penn Hip: LDI=.23, RDI=.20

*Patella's: PO-PA2278/14F-NOPI

*OFA Elbows Prelim: Normal

*CERF (Eyes):   Coming soon

*vWD (vonWillebrand's Disease:


*DM (Degenerative Myelopathy): 


*NEwS (Neonatal Encephalopathy with Siezures):


*OFA Thyroid : Normal; PO-TH2787/18F-NOPI

* Cardio: PO-CA1782/14F/P-VPI

*SA (Sebaceous Adenitis): 




Josilyn Sparkin' A Red  Blaze 

     AKA " Josie"

Female Dark red standard poodle

Josilyn comes from excellent lines and has the shangri la and majestic all through her first 3 generations

We call her Josie and she is such a sweet lovable gal.

She loves to play, play, play!  She loves the kids and to go for rides.  Josilyn has an excellent temperament. Josie thinks she is a lap dog and is happy curled up into your lap snuggling. Josie loves to run behind the ATV and runs with me every chance she gets. She can clear a 4 foot fence with no problems at all. You cant help but love her. Josie loves the water and will chase the hose and the sprinklers. She is our little goof nut. Josie is currently in training for therapy and service dog

Josie is 27" and 58 lbs.


Josilyn's Health Tests

*BNM/dentition: PO-DE124/15F-NOPI
*COI: 2.10%
*Penn Hip: 80th Percentile

*OFA Hip Prelim: Good

*OFA Prelim Elbows: Normal

*Patella's: PO-PA2277/15F/P-NOPI

*CERF (Eyes):  Coming soon

*vWD (vonWillebrand's Disease): OFA PO-VW1030/11F-NOPI

*DM (Degenerative Myelopathy): 


*NEwS (Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizure's):


*OFA Thyroid: Normal; PO-TH2841/20F-VPI

* Cardio: PO-CA1781/15F/P-NOPI

*SA (Sebaceous Adenitis):




Brazen Mahogany Sunset Jamaican Me Crazy

Male Dark red Standard poodle

This guy is a big ham! He sure keeps us guessing let me tell you. Brazen loves the ball, the trampoline ( Yes I said the trampoline) Brazen loves to jump on the tramp. He loves long road trips with Payden and loves the country side. Brazen loves to snuggle up with you and still thinks he is a lap dog. You cant help but fall in love with him. He has a great temperament and is just fun to play with.  Brazen is a Momma's boy and loves the outdoors

Brazen is currently 28" and 60 lbs.

Brazens Health Tests

CHIC # 112560

*BNM/dentition: PO-DE193/16M-VPI
*COI: 7.10%
*Penn Hip: LDI=.33; RDI=.20

*OFA Hip : PO-23348G26M-VPI

*OFA Elbows: PO-EL2832M26-VPI

*Patella's: PO-PA2656/16M/P-VPI

*CERF (Eyes): 


*vWD (vonWillebrand's Disease): OFA PO-VW1030/11F-NOPI

*DM (Degenerative Myelopathy): 


*NEwS (Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizure's):


*OFA Thyroid: PO-TH3410/26M-VPI

* Cardio: PO-CA2277/16M/P-VPI

*SA (Sebaceous Adenitis):





Payden's Cash Redz Jamaican Me Crazy

AKA " Cash "

Male Dark Red

30" and 75lbs

Cash is cleared by parentage.  However we are still doing his health testing and they are in the works. Cash is so much like his daddy Payden. He loves car rides and loves people. there isn't such a thing as a stranger to him. He is a big giant goof ball. Rosco the tiny toy is his best friend and you will find them playing quite frequently or snuggled up with each other.  Cash is such a Gentle giant and just full of love. He loves the water and the 4 wheelers and just cant wait to play and please you.

Health Tests are pending